Our Activities

M-12 Movement

An initiative focused on re-inventing individuals, communities and societies through ‘Mentoring’.

We at EYL believe that being a Christian does not end with one’s birth. People can work toward creating a legacy through Mentoring.

And through this M-12 initiative, we are identifying potential Mentors and Mentees to witness to the uniqueness of Christ and press the exclusive claim of the Gospel.


EYL has taken a page from the life of Christ in establishing its leadership development methods through seminars on mentoring in churches, schools, colleges and youth fellowships. At EYL, we believe in encouraging leaders to invest their time in mentoring groups of three to enable them to become leaders. EYL is also regularly developing and distributing material which strengthens relationships between parents and their adolescents, teachers and their students, and youth leaders and teens.

Suicide Prevention

EYL and its partner Jason Foundation, use the triangle of prevention model to target the three areas that are associated with the lives of our young people — youth, educators and parents.

Niriksha Counseling Center

Niriksha Counseling offers guidance and career counseling, rehabilitation counseling, educational counseling, marriage and family counseling, child development counseling, therapy for anxiety disorders, therapy for social phobia and music therapy. Counseling is done by trained and experienced professionals.